A leader in the medical orthopedics industry was struggling with excessive downtime due to premature failure of tool life – threading insert to manufacture bone screws. They were producing bad parts as a result. They couldn’t identify the issue – was it the substrate (wrong grade of carbide?), or inconsistency in the coating – adhesion, thickness.


We visited their facility over a series of months to gain a solid understanding of the issue and their process. We worked with plant manager, and the area supervisor experiencing the issue, and the operators to thoroughly understand the issue. We made recommendations to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness – with a combination of revisions to material and coatings. We identified their machining parameters – speeds/feeds. We introduced super-nitride coatings to their SS tooling.


Tool life was extended significantly (2-3 times) – reducing cost/part proportionately. The customer was so delighted with our solution they invite us in during new product development as a consultant to assist design for manufacturability.

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