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Coating Regrinds


A Regrind/Resharp shop was missing customer deliveries because their coater caused damaged carbide endmills. The Regrind shop had to resharpen/rework the tools. The coater wouldn’t accept accountability because the tooling was previously coated. The coater didn’t offer a solution.


After strategically planning how to process regrinds, with our PVD coating technology, we run whole […]

Coating Regrinds2019-04-08T22:24:52+00:00

Super Nitride Coating Excels in Medical


A leader in the medical orthopedics industry was struggling with excessive downtime due to premature failure of tool life – threading insert to manufacture bone screws. They were producing bad parts as a result. They couldn’t identify the issue – was it the substrate (wrong grade of carbide?), or inconsistency in the coating – […]

Super Nitride Coating Excels in Medical2016-01-29T16:31:18+00:00

Increasing Diamond Yield with CVD Coating


A manufacturer of industrial synthetic diamonds was struggling with poor quality of coatings on a tool where diamonds only grow on coated surface area. The coating was inconsistent causing lower yield than projected.


We went about seeking how to provide a more consistent coating for the application. We met with the process engineer and […]

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Alox SN² “Ultra Modern Supernitride”,Tinalox SN2 and Hyperlox

At Ti-Coating we are pleased to premier the next hard coating     Alox SN² “Ultra Modern Supernitride”,Tinalox SN2 and Hyperlox

  •    High wear volume
  •    Great adhesion achieved due to the nanocomposite structure and the low residual coating stress
  •    Patented pre and post coat preparation ensure no imperfections
  •    Designed with the machining of steel, cast iron and high strength alloys in mind
  •    High oxidation […]
Alox SN² “Ultra Modern Supernitride”,Tinalox SN2 and Hyperlox2016-01-29T16:31:18+00:00