Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning Process

Ti-Coating, Inc. offers the cost-effective method of hydrogen fluoride (HF) ion cleaning. Vapor phase hydrogen fluoride ion cleaning (HFIC) was introduced in 1985 as a method to clean gas turbine superalloys. This is a process step in preparation for the repair of cracks and other damage found in field-run high-temperature gas turbine engine components.

HFIC is commonly used in the aerospace industry, as well as in land-based power-generating gas turbines. Ti-Coating, Inc. equipment and process technology are the benchmarks of the industry.  Our in-house HF service facility boasts FAA certificate number XXNR391L, to clean components for engine manufacturers and repair centers. If you have a cleaning need that might utilize the HF ion cleaning process, contact Ti-Coating, Inc. today.

Ti-Coating has multiple systems available for all your HFIC daily needs.

HF Ion Cleaning

Ti-Coatings’ Value Added Services

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Coating Removal

The vapor phase hydrogen fluoride ion cleaning (HFIC) process is ideal for removing aluminized diffusion coating applied on turbine components.
Ti-Coating saves you time and money with our HFIC process, since removal of aluminide coatings is generally a separate step that’s required prior to the removal of oxides.

Do It Once, Do It Right

Pre-braze preparation can be quick and easy with HF ion cleaning from Ti-Coating.
When there is no time to braze it twice, or when the alloy’s composition is too critical for multiple heatings, HF ion cleaning is an excellent choice as a pre-braze preparation. On new components, HFIC assures a successful braze the first time.

Brazing Repair

The HFIC process from Ti-Coating is an indispensable step in the braze repair process.
This chemical cleaning allows repair technicians to achieve a superior, high-temperature braze joint.

Ultimate Clean

Ti-Coating provides premier HF equipment and process technology to remove oxides.
Our equipment and processes remove oxides not only from the surface, but also from within the braze cracking, on turbine components. Our vacuum HF cleaning process cleans to the bottom of the deepest cracks, and inside internal cooling passages.